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RootmakerII® is the latest and greatest design by Dr. Carl Whitcomb. These containers create a fibrous, non-circulating root system that promotes horizontal root branching. They offer greater efficiency of water and nutrition absorption and are equipped for rapid transplant success and long term health. Want to know more about the perfect plant containers? We have answers to your questions.


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RootBuilder II Kits

These containers are easily assembled around a bottom disk. A hole is at the tip of each outwardly projecting funnel on the side wall of these two containers. Roots are directed outward toward these holes, forcing them to branch and continuing the air root-pruning process.

Item Code
  • RBII3
Item Description:
  • RootBuilder II 3 Gallon Kit
  • RootBuilder II 5 Gallon HIGH Kit

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RootMaker II - Injection Molded Containers

RootMakers® are designed to create fibrous, non-circling root systems horizontally and vertically at all phases of production to equip plants for transplanting success. Our products aren't just "containers" but rather root production tools. Each step complements the next, building upon the previous fibrous root system. A fibrous root system means a greater root tip surface area and translates to a greater efficiency in the absorption of water and nutrients; an increase in growth rate, establishment, and vigor; a higher transplant survivability; and ultimately, superior performance.

  • Create a fibrous, non-circling root system. (without toxic chemicals)
  • Promote horizontal root branching.
  • Greater efficiency of water and nutrient absorption.
  • Accelerates plant growth, increases vigor.
  • Compliments a variety of production methods above ground, in-ground, or -in-pot.
  • Plants are equipped for rapid transplant success and long-term health.
  • Researched and patented.

These RootMaker® containers continue the air-root pruning process and promote horizontal root branching, not just downward growth. Because our containers eliminate circling roots, there is no need to break up the root ball when transplanting. This minimizes transplant shock and speeds up establishment.

Item Code
  • RMI-1R
  • RMI-1S
  • RMI-3
  • RMI-5
Item Description:
  • RootMaker 1 gallon round container
  • RootMaker 1 gallon square container
  • RootMaker 3 gallon round container
  • RootMaker 5 gallon round container

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RootMaker II Propagation Containers

The first step toward creating a fibrous root system is RootMaker® Propagation containers. These containers give vegetables, flowers, shrubs and trees a good start by creating more root tips. An increased number of active root tips means a healthier, more efficient plant.

Item Code
  • RMII32
  • RBII60
Item Description:
  • RootMaker II - 32 Cell Tray
  • RootMaker II - 60 Cell Tray

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RootTrapper II Soft Sided Containers

The RootTrapper® is an attractive container that benefits your plants. Our RootTrapper® Container is a white, soft-sided container that stimulates root branching by trapping root tips. Because the container is white, the soil temperature is reduced, which leads to greater root growth and less water usage.

Item Code
  • RTII1
  • RTII2
  • RTII3
  • RTII3S
  • RTII5S
  • RTII5
  • RTII7
  • RTII10
  • RTII15
  • RTII30
  • RTII45
  • RTII60
  • RTII100
  • RTII150
  • RTII200
  • RTII300
  • RTII400
  • RTII500
Item Description:
  • RootTrapper II - 1 gallon - 6in x 8in
  • RootTrapper II - 2 gallon - 8in x 9in
  • RootTrapper II - 3 gallon - 15 x 8
  • RootTrapper II - 3 gallon squat -10in x 10in
  • RootTrapper II - 5 gallon squat -12in x 11in
  • RootTrapper II - 5 gallon - 15in tall x 10in D
  • RootTrapper II - 7 gallon - 15in tall x 12in D
  • RootTrapper II - 10 gallon - 15in tall x 14in D
  • RootTrapper II - 15 gallon - 15in tall x 18in D
  • RootTrapper II - 30 gallon - 15in tall x 24in D
  • RootTrapper II - 45 gallon - 15in tall x 30in D
  • RootTrapper II - 60 gallon - 15in tall x 36in D
  • RootTrapper II - 100 gallon - 20in tall x 40in D
  • RootTrapper II - 150 gallon - 20in tall x 48in D
  • RootTrapper II - 200 gallon - 20in tall x 56in D
  • RootTrapper II - 300 gallon - 20in tall x 68in D
  • RootTrapper II - 400 gallon - 24in tall x 70in D
  • RootTrapper II - 500 gallon - 24in tall x 80in D

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