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Gensco is a multi-state HVAC distributor and manufacturer serving the Northwestern United States. Gensco began business in 1947 as the General Sales Company and incorporated under the name Gensco, Inc. in 1948. The name Gensco is a contraction of the words General Sales Company. Over the last sixty years, Gensco has grown and currently operates from twenty-five locations in Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Montana and Idaho. We have approximately 700 employees. Our Corporate Offices are located in Tacoma, WA, approximately 25 miles south of Seattle. Our corporate building has over 200,000 sq. ft of warehouse, manufacturing and office space.


Plants need fresh air to grow healthy and we offer the best ventilation systems for keeping the air clean and healthy. Want an opinion on which system works best for your indoor garden? Rely on us for the right information on which system will provide a breath of fresh air.

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